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WaterLase® Laser Dentistry in Thornton, CO – New Dental Technology 

When you visit Alpine Dental Center, you can expect quick, efficient treatment that corrects complex dental problems. Dr. Gurman provides comfortable laser dentistry in Thornton, CO for treatment of periodontal infection and other oral health concerns.

We encourage you to ask about laser dental treatment at your next appointment or when speaking with Dr. Gurman about your customized treatment plan.

Soft Tissue Treatment with WaterLase

Our office utilizes the WaterLase dental laser from BioLase – an innovative dental tool created after many years of research into how this technology can be maximized for oral health and positive patient experience. WaterLase provides the following benefits:

  • Heat-free
  • Gentle – no numbing injections needed!
  • Precise
  • Improves surrounding tissue

With this equipment, Dr. Guman treats patients’ smile through both laser therapy and high-powered water molecules that help hone-in on the exact treatment area. Compared to traditional tools, this dental laser does not harm tissue surrounding the targeted treatment area. Heat can be drying, but the water utilized actually helps to rehydrate the tooth, improving the overall oral health at the site of the procedure. Patients enjoy quicker and more conservative treatments that boost dental wellness.

Laser Dentistry in Thornton: Canker Sores and Frenectomies

At Alpine Dental Center, our laser dentist uses this advanced technology to correct bothersome dental problems beyond gum disease — these include canker sores and tight bands of tissue connecting the upper lip to the gums. As a family dental office, we understand that frenum problems in young patients can compromise dental alignment and even make it hard for infants to nurse properly. Our laser allows Dr. Gurman to quickly and comfortably release the frenum (a process called a frenectomy), which helps your child have a healthy smile as they grow older.

If you have recurrent canker sores, our dental laser can be used to heal and soothe soft tissue. When the sore is still tingling, come into our office for treatment and expedited healing. Dr. Gurman’s laser can reduce the overall lifespan of the cancer sore by several days and significantly minimize uncomfortable symptoms of these hereditary oral health problems.

Ask Dr. Gurman about Laser Dentistry!

Modern dental care with the use of lasers has the ability to create positive patient experiences and improve overall health. If you are experiencing symptoms of advanced periodontal disease or other troubling soft tissue problems, Dr. Gurman can help.

Schedule your laser dental consultation at our Thornton, CO dental office today!

If you have any additional questions about Waterlase dentistry, please contact Dr. Alan Gurman, our family dentist in Thornton, Colorado, today!