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Emergency Dentist in Thornton, CO – Dr. Alan Gurman

A dental emergency can be any situation where you have experienced damage to your natural teeth, dental prosthetics, or are in pain as a result of injury or trauma to teeth. Getting treatment for emergency dental problems is essential to avoid further damage and to protect healthy teeth. At Alpine Dental Center, Dr. Alan Gurman and his staff provide same-day emergency dental care in Thornton, CO.

If you have a dental emergency, call us immediately at (303) 900-1904.

Personalized Treatment for Dental Emergencies

Our Thornton emergency dental office helps improve your health and the aesthetic of your smile during emergencies oral health problems with repairs for the following common issues:

Chipped and Broken Teeth – While dental enamel is strong, it can still be chipped, cracked or broken in an accident. Whether you bit into a hard or crunchy piece of food and cracked a tooth, or you’ve taken a spill and damaged your smile, we can repair broken teeth. Dr. Gurman uses beautiful, tooth-colored dental crowns for the best in strong and life-like dental restorations.

Damaged Dental Appliances – As natural tooth enamel can be broken, prosthetics like bridges, crowns, and dentures can be damaged as well. Anything that can break a real tooth could break a restoration, such as sudden impact or bad habits like chewing on nails and ice. Our dental team repairs and replaces restorations to keep your smile beautiful and healthy. We can create and place new crowns and bridges, and even have in-office equipment to repair dentures without having to send them to a dental lab.

Tooth Aches – A particularly sensitive tooth, or one that’s causing pain and discomfort, could be a sign of severe decay.  We help preserve remaining healthy tooth structure and oral function by first removing decayed portions of tooth enamel with a gentle, hard-tissue dental laser. After your tooth has been prepared, we can restore it to full strength by placing a porcelain dental crown.

Bleeding and Puffy Gums – These symptoms are indications of gum disease and should be taken seriously to prevent wide-spread oral health problems. Gum disease causes gums to recede, and can even weaken teeth and cause them to fall out. If your gums are sore and prone to bleeding, visit our office for periodontal maintenance as soon as possible.

Knocked-Out Teeth – Dr. Gurman provides many cosmetic and restorative treatments for replacing teeth that were lost in a dental emergency, including partial dentures and dental implants. For patients seeking permanent new teeth, dental implants provide a durable and comfortable solution.

Don’t Wait to Treat a Dental Emergency – Contact Our Office Immediately

Dental emergencies require immediate care for the protection of your oral health and the appearance of your smile. If you’ve injured a tooth in an accident, or if you’re experiencing a painful toothache, contact Dr. Gurman at our Thornton, CO emergency dental office for same-day treatment.