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How to Make Your Dental Appointments More Comfortable

Jan 1 • 2 min read

Many people are afraid to get dental care. They don’t like the sound of dental instruments, the discomfort of examinations, or even the general atmosphere of the dental office. Additionally, it’s easy to associate dentistry with pain, as procedures can cause discomfort.

Communicate with Your Dental Team

When you have made an appointment for a specific health concern, or are visiting for your routine checkup, it’s important to voice your fears to your hygienist or dentist. This means explaining that an area of your smile is particularly sensitive to touch and temperature, or that needles make you feel uncomfortable. Being honest about your comfort level goes a long way in building trust and helps you feel confident in acknowledging other issues.

Proactively Approach Your Oral Health

Dental issues don’t resolve on their own, and many patients wait too long to get help. Insurance and budget restrictions combined with waiting will only make the problem worse. A minor cavity can become a sharp pain requiring a root canal, which is a more complex procedure, and more expensive. Whenever you notice an issue in your smile, call your dentist. They will listen to the symptoms and offer guidance to resolve the discomfort. The next step is to schedule an appointment, where the problem can be properly examined.

Sedation and Advanced Technology for Your Comfort 

Sedation dentistry commonly involves using medications that are administered in pill form or intravenously and help you relax and make the time you spend at the dentist pass quickly. Sedation dentistry techniques are safe and for anyone who experiences anxiety, worry, or concern related to dental care. You should consider sedation dentistry services if:

  • You lose sleep the night before your appointment
  • You become nervous or concerned while in a waiting room
  • You have canceled appointments in the past due to anxiety
  • You feel helpless during exams or cleanings
  • Thinking about your appointment makes you feel physically ill

Conscious Sedation can be administered orally or intravenously to produce an amnesic effect but allows you to remain awake during treatment. The medication is taken before the appointment and then during the procedure if necessary, so you are entirely at ease the whole time.

By searching online you can find local dentist who has the most up-to-date technology and tools to minimize discomfort. Innovative devices like DentalVibe use vibration to significantly reduce pain from oral injections and deliver the anesthetic more quickly. Laser dentistry works with water and energy to remove decay and minimize trauma to the gum tissue, without the loud noise, heat, and vibration associated with the dental drill.

Get the Oral Health Care You Need Without Anxiety

Finding the right dental professional can help you get the treatment you need to re-establish your oral health. Knowing that your dental visits can be more comfortable may give you the courage you need to take care of your smile.

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